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Khanat client 3D assets source

3D Game client 3D assets source files providing the files for the Khanat client 3D assets repository.

This repository contains only sourcefiles, not exported files. These are mainly Blender files.

It is intended to be used as sources to generate the Godot compatible formats of the Khanat client 3D assets.

This repository is using Git Large File Storage.

You can get more informations on our wiki

Blender usage

Use only the latest stable Blender version. Never save any file with a more recent, unstable version !

  • create a root collection named "khanat" and put any model in a sub-collection. Each exported glTF file will include the content of one subfolder at a time and will be named from it.
  • create a subfolder named textures to include dedicated textures for the file

Best practices

  • please check our Best practive manual for naming conventions etc.
  • put anything copyrighted in a subfolder with "_copyright" at its end, so it will be ignored by git
  • create a .json file with contribution informations in it, named from the file, in the very same folder with such a content :
                        "name" : "CamilleZ",
                        "email" : "camz@nowway.out",
                        "url" : "https://khaganat.net"
        "license" : "CC-BY-SA-4.0"