Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Bug
    To report some error that need to be fix.
    pyNeL project
  • Comment
    Used as an issue, to allow people to say something publicly to the team or for people willing to dev on the lib.
    pyNeL project
  • Doing
    For issue when someone is currently and actively working on it.
    pyNeL project / pyNeL
  • Fatal Error
    For bug/error that are really preventing you to use the lib and need to be fix as soon as possible, don't overuse it.
    pyNeL project
  • Feature
    For merge request implementing a feature.
    pyNeL project
  • Hotfix
    For merge request wich fix a bug.
    pyNeL project
  • To do
    For work that need to be done, to remember it and to show that it's planned.
    pyNeL project
  • Update
    For merge resquest that update the lib, like merging develop into master.
    pyNeL project
  • Wish
    To ask something to be implemented but is not crucial.
    pyNeL project